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I am a green grandad with a simple mission in life.

Try to give hope to my grandchildren's generation.

Weather events worldwide have made us all very aware of the effect global warming is having on our planet.

As citizens of the U.K. what can we do?

67.1million people doing nothing will inform our Government.

67.1 million people doing something will have a very different effect.

COP26 gives our Government a unique opportunity to make a huge impact on the world stage and influencing China and the USA is vital and possible

Small actions now can make a big difference, just make it known you care. 

I am hoping this Website will give you some ideas on how to move forward.

If you live in Bakewell please look at that section and join the many  people wanting to do something positive. 

Please use this email address for contact.

updated  20/8/2021

  The world has changed and we must adapt, these are the ways lots of people are reacting to our new environment, it is definitely not all bad news.

1. Insulating their house. - Reducing energy use, staying cool/warm and saving money.

2. Reducing their car use or going electric. - Breathing fresh air wherever they are, eventually we will all benefit.

3. Changing gardens, parks, lanes and verges to Bee friendly. - Enjoying their local area.

4. Campaigning for more cycleways and better footpaths. - Staying healthy outside.

5. Taking only one flight a year, staying a while and absorbing the culture. -  It makes sense it's less stressful and more fun.

6. Eating quality food grown locally or ethically sourced. - Staying healthier.

7. Eating less meat, but better quality and taste. - And feeling even better.

8. Ensuring their bank and /or pension dis-invest in any fossil fuel companies. - Changing banks and checking investments is usually a good idea. - Helps them sleep sounder.

9. Recycling more and buying less. - Saving a lot of money.

10.Telling their MP's and local councillors they want support and action.

  Doing any or all of these will be making a real difference, will reduce collective anxiety and start us on the process of adapting to climate change.

There are local climate change groups who would love to help you along the way. We are at the stage where we need to adapt to the way our climate is changing and will need to work together.


In the mean time here's some data that I've assembled myself below, I hope it is useful.

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Starting point to make a difference

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Is the Climate

Really Warming ?


Is it All due to

Human action ?

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20 Years on ?


Good ?

Better ?

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What are the USA and China doing ?

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Is there any 

Good  News ?


 Bakewell  Section

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Derbyshire Dales -local Food ,not yet active.

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On going Projects, not yet active.

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