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The aims of this website, as I see it, is to offer some hope for the future. Adapting to climate change is not about what we lose, but how much we can gain, but we do need to work together to share this greener future.   We have seen community gardens set up in Tideswell, Wirksworth and many other towns, where people can get together and share ideas. There are also community orchards, refill shops, composting centres and repair cafe's. As a community we can make Bakewell even better. Improved cycle links to Matlock and Buxton would open up park and ride schemes. Wildflower verges would make our walks and bike rides even better, so that we get the exercise we need, which is essential for mental health. Some people may be unsure what to do. We can all do something to help which not only benefits the environment but also makes you feel better personally. Getting involved in your neighbourhood, joining groups, taking on an allotment for instance, will benefit us all. Every tree planted is an investment in hope, the most precious thing we have.

Have a look at the Transition Town info below, please don't get anxious about climate change, get involved.

Two pieces of vital information have been produced in the last couple of months that can help us all make some sensible decisions.

1.The Place Based Carbon Calculator.

It details the carbon footprint of every town and shows us what Bakewell has to do to meet the commitment to be carbon zero before 2050. In fact it splits the whole country into small segments of around 2000 people and

uses census information and other details to estimate the carbon footprint of

each and every small region. It's a very useful starting point for what we have to do.

2. Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk 

It identifies the risks from Climate change and recommends the adaptations that will be essential as the climate changes. Quote from the report:

‘Adaptation is a pressing priority now. It cannot wait for another year, or the next five-yearly assessment of risk. The next two years are critical in raising the profile of adaptation in government policymaking and acting on the priorities identified in this report.’

In order to combat these problems Transition towns are popping up all over the country, the concept is to generate a vision for your town and form a team to make it happen.  For instance:

Hott wind turbine.jpg

HoTT, a community group based in the upper Holme Valley, south of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK, is part of the global Transition Town movement which promotes the building of resilient and sustainable local communities, a key part of which is encouraging self sufficiency and a low carbon lifestyle.

We have been working to raise awareness of climate change and have developed our first community energy scheme, a 225 kW wind turbine. Our activities include film screenings, cycling initiatives and energy saving events, including making older houses more energy efficient.

Bakewell is a great place to live and we can keep it that way if we plan for the future and act.

Hotter summers – How about a pristine river with places to paddle and swim.

Wetter winters – We need a well considered flood plan and local action to put it in place.

Power shortages – We have plenty of places for water and wind turbines and solar on roofs.

Food shortages - A community orchard, lots of local food and refill shops would help.

Low Carbon Living – How about bridleways to Buxton, Matlock and beyond, with park and ride into Bakewell for starters. Advice for insulating houses and heating options could make a big difference..

Working together we can make a big difference.

Please have a look at the Transition Network Website and please email me to help start Transition Bakewell, 70% of people are now looking for changes and we really need to be ready for the inevitable draughts and floods to come.

What could we achieve and how would we do it

Initial Plan 

Bakewell Town residents or workers form a loose Transition Bakewell group, no leaders or formal meetings.

A member of the group suggests a climate, environment or community project they feel deeply about and we all try to help in the best way we can. (Once a group is formed this format could change as needed and wished.)


For instance my wife and I are very keen to start a community orchard, with all of the fruit trees being planted and maintained with the active support of local schoolchildren.  It is not something we can do in isolation and need support. It will hopefully be financed as part of a Derbyshire County Council initiative, but we need a plot and we will need spades as well as bodies. ( This has become project 1 below and we are hoping you will support the project.)


I am sure that lots of people who are reading this will have a local project they are keen on, could be local regenerative food, art, music, river pollution, energy  security, house insulation, composting etc. etc.

The major thing is getting involved, making our town more resilient and us less vulnerable and alone.

We would work with the Town, District and County Councillors who are already very busy and in need of active projects to succeed.

Please make Transition Bakewell a reality by emailing me, when we get close to 50 residents we can join the Transition Group and start to look forward with more hope and much less despair.

This website or a similar one could be used to promote local food producers or projects proposed by the group.

Proposed Projects

1.Community Orchard - Proposed by David Locke and lead by Moira and David Locke

Objective - To engage Bakewell schoolchildren and parents in a community project that is both useful and rewarding over a long time frame.

Costing- Hopefully covered by the DCC 

Action so far -  E mails to the Haddon Estate, local schools and local councillors.

Needed -  A plot of land suitable for around 50 fruit trees.

Support from Bakewell residents, both adults and schoolchildren of all age.

Having 50 to100 people supporting my request for a plot of land would add real impetus. Any encouragement will really help us know we are not on our own.  So look forward to hearing from as many residents as possible.  

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