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is it all due to human actions?

If you have no doubt it is due to human action go straight to "20 Years on"

I have read lots of data now, not all the greenhouse gases relate to human activity, but the vast majority appear to. The best data came from an independent study called the climate change consensus handbook and a very detailed report by the International Panel for Climate change which looks at all sources of greenhouse gas emissions and all related climate factors.                                                          Click the links to visit the sites. 

The following  3 graphs from the consensus handbook help to explain why there appears to be a range of views on climate change. The most informed scientists nearly all agree about the cause and I am afraid it is almost certainly human activity.

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For the sake of my grandchildren I cannot take a massive risk. I need to accept the findings of  these independent bodies,  and find out what the consequences are and what I should do.

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