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20 years on?


working together really paid off

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do nothing gamble has failed 



In control

Greenhouse Gases under Control with no further increase in CO2

Siberian Permafrost now stable.

Greenland and Antarctic Ice Shelfs reduced, but stable.

Gradually re-wilding world and green travellers welcome

Species extinctions limited to 20%, still in the hundreds of thousands.

Still some risk of floods and extreme weather.

Humans coping well, in a more connected world.

Environmentally friendly flying is normal, CO2 neutral.

Food and water from novel sources, but good quality.

Schooling for all is impacting on World population.

 Air is clean and healthy.

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Not in control

Greenhouse Gases out of control

Siberian Permafrost melting adding to problems

Greenland and Antarctic Ice Shelf's are melting adding to problems

Impoverished world no point in travelling

50% of all species on earth are extinct, some species are thriving, not us.

Serious and constant risk of floods and extreme weather.

Surviving, but very bad news from many regions of the world.

Food and Water available, but low quality

Immigration problems as some regions become uninhabitable

Air pollution is still a big problem and getting worse.

The Amazon now emits carbon dioxide instead of removing it. 

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Obviously the sage or stuffed scenario's are only 2 of the many possibilities, but they are based on computer modelling and are realsitic. Technology will kick in and help us all with carbon capture techniques, fusion reactors,hydrogen from plastics and excess electricity.  Technology must play a big part in resolving the problems, but it is far too dangerous to just wait and hope. I need to know what I can do now to help reduce the scale of the changes that are already affecting us.

I Hope you are now ready to jump on my end of the see-saw, to live in the moment and reduce the anxiety by knowing we are doing our very best for our grandchildren's generation, and our planet. 

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